Thursday, April 9, 2015

Honour Your Reality

Learning to listen
What is the most healing thing you can do for yourself? The answer is simple. So simple we can easily overlook it. And it is the key to not only creating deep, satisfying relationships with others, but also the inner peace that many of us are yearning for.

So what is this miracle? Simply this:

Listen to and honour your own reality.

When you are tired, feeling sick or upset, don't try and change that by denying it, trying to fix it, getting busy. Simply listen and honour your reality - yes, this is how things are for you, in this moment. Even when it doesn't make sense to you - especially when it doesn't make sense to you.

When we listen to ourselves and honour our reality - a beautiful thing happens. Something that was tense and held in the stomach region relaxes. We feel safe. We can be ourselves. We don't have to explain, defend or justify the experience we are having. We give ourselves space to have the experience. We begin to stop bullying and judging ourselves and start to appreciate and care for the special person that we are. And this is how we grow in love and trust of ourselves.

And the most wonderful thing is - once we can do this for ourselves - we can do this for the other people in our lives - and our relationships take a quantum leap forward in terms of closeness, willingness to share and joy at being in this life together.

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