Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Promise of Freedom

And yet..... this is a card few of us welcome. Rather than face the uncertainty of change we stay small and safe. We build towers to protect ourselves - both prisons and sanctuaries.

We imprison some parts of ourselves because they are perceived as too dangerous and disruptive to be allowed out into our everyday lives. 

Some parts have been hidden away for protection, because they are felt to be too vulnerable, too fragile to withstand the outer world.

Some parts have fled to the tower in fear and overwhelm and grief. They are locked away to protect them from further hurt and to protect us from being overwhelmed by their feelings.

Whatever is in the tower has been taken out of the flow of everyday life. Often it takes something unexpected to get through our defenses. The lightning - a symbol of dramatic change - electric, dynamic, precise, shocking, instant.

This is, I think, what we fear most about The Tower - the suddenness of the change - the impossibility of ever going back to that small, defended place - the free fall as some part of our lives is turned upside down. 

We need to tolerate this period of vulnerability until we can turn free-fall into flight. To speak words of courage to ourselves, to be kind and self-compassionate as we move through uncertainty

These unexpected lightning bolts may come from the external world, but they may also be internal - the sudden flash of lightning intuition, a moment of shame or joy or released rage that forever alters how we see ourselves and our life. Our perspective has shifted and we are opened to a more expansive way of operating in the world.

The Star follows The Tower - and this is the promise of the journey. That if we will see it through we will come to a place of serenity. A place where we are more truly ourselves, a place where we can pour out healing waters for those who are thirsty.

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