Thursday, June 30, 2016

Seven of Wands - Learning from our Challenges

7 of Wands
For the second time this week I pulled the 7 of Wands in a positive position. I need to keep battling on despite the opposition - most of which is internal, I admit. Saturn is square my natal and progressed moon at present. So there is considerable friction between the inner aspects of child and parent, of emotional wounds calling for attention and outer practicalities demanding time and action.

The 7 of Wands is the perfect card to illuminate the squares found in astrology. It shows not only the friction involved, but also the need to maintain a balance - a foot in both camps. This is shown not only by the feet across the stream - the river of life - but also by the character wearing different footwear - each camp having a different value system. It is definitely a stretch - not easy to maintain a balance with feet this wide apart. But if we can get above the opposition - get to higher ground - a higher vibration place within ourselves - then we can win through.

One way to do this is to ask what am I learning from this opposition, these battles inner and outer, these problems?

I had the inspiration to take each of these opposing wands and to write down a current challenge and ask what could I be learning from this. The entire list is too long for this blog post - but here is a sample :-)

First Wand: Time runs through my fingers and out the door.
 I could be learning to prioritise; to be present and not get lost in emotional swamplands; to take the next step instead of giving in to the fear of getting it wrong and procrastinating.

Second Wand: Everything I do goes so slowly.
 I could be learning to slow down; to be patient; to relax and sink into a project enjoying the journey and not always have my eye on the goal.

Third Wand: Nothing I do works how I want it to.
 I could be learning to let go of control and expectations; to be more curious and spontaneous, more playful - open to leaps of invention.

Fourth Wand: I don't like myself.
 I could be learning to do more of the things I love because then I do like myself, then I am happy and good company.

Fifth Wand: Everyone else is more successful than me.
 I could be learning that everyone's journey is unique; to let go of comparing and simply focus on nurturing, cultivating, loving my projects and letting them have their own rhythms of growth and maturity.

Sixth Wand: Doubt - I don't know that what I'm doing is any good.
 I could be learning to heal my core wound; to breathe it in and embrace that fearful self; to accept being perfectly imperfect, a work in progress.

Seventh Wand: The Wand held by the Character
 I could be learning to keep going despite inner opposition, despite outer obstacles and the unexpected. I could be learning to maintain my balance, to hold the creative tension between opposites and include both.

Last night I pulled The World card - so despite, or perhaps because, of all these challenges perhaps I am at the heart of my soul's mission for this life - these learnings being an essential part of what my soul intended for this life.

So what challenges or oppositions are you facing in your life - and what could you be learning?

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