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Binaural Beats - Connect to your Inner Guidance

My favourite tool that helps me connect to my guidance is an inexpensive audio download called Binaural Beats.

The benefits of using Binaural Beats regularly is that it awakens your creativity, stimulates your imagination and releases stress. But what it also does is raise your vibration and tunes you to your internal world. So this alpha brain wave state is ideal for connecting to your inner guidance. I listen to the Binaural Beats audio as I am writing up my astrology or tarot reports as it gives me a particularly clear connection and channel to my guides.

Also if you want to do a Past Life Regression session, but are anxious that you won't receive any images or information then practicing with Binaural Beats to connect to your Higher Self and inner guidance can be a good way to open that channel of trust.

Though I've never found it easy to meditate in the classic way of emptying my mind, I do love stories and day dream very easily. The Binaural Beats sound meditation encourages this natural ability to flow into a lucid dreaming experience - connecting to one's guidance in the form of a visual story. 

You can read about one of my experiences, The Knight and the Wise Woman, later in this post. But first:

 What are Binaural Beats?
Binaural Beats is simply a rhythm of beats that takes the listener into that peaceful Alpha brainwave state necessary for meditation and for receiving guidance. Normally we are in a Beta brainwave state which is the busy mind - active - and often agitated. Some people use the Binaural Beats audio simply to relax, to relieve stress and get to sleep more easily.

The Binaural Beats audio I use is high quality and has relaxing water sounds over the top of the beats which are a pleasure to listen to. You do need to listen with working stereo headphones as the beats are different for each ear - it is this difference that has the effect of taking us into the Alpha state.

Many people find their connection to Spirit occurs naturally when they use the Binaural Beats audio. You can also deliberately choose to connect to your guides by setting the intention beforehand, asking your guides to come in and help you with a particular challenge. As you start to listen you can deliberately create a sanctuary, imagining a garden or an island in the sea, or a temple. 

Sometimes I ask my divine team for a high vibration experience for my highest good and allow the images or the messages to rise up and unfold. Other times I ask for help with a challenging situation. Or I simply bring to mind the various parts of my life and get updated guidance on how things are going and any tweaks or changes I need to make.

Where can I find the Binaural Beats Audio?

If you'd like to try Binauaral Beats for yourself here is the link to the 30 minute audio meditation that I use. The link will take you to The Unexplainable Store ESP/Psychic page. The Binaural Beats audio costs $14 for instant download and there is a money back guarantee if you find it doesn't suit you.

Below is an example of one of the visual and spoken guidance stories that I experienced. Just as everyone has a different style of dreaming so we all receive guidance differently - your style may be quite different from mine. Our imaginations are like a port, with both incoming and outgoing data. If your imagination has been neglected, it may take time to get it fully functioning again and for you to be able to receive a rich and clear amount of information.

The  Knight and the Wise Woman

As the music and the sound of waves wash over me from the audio an image comes into my mind. I see my inner female on a small boat standing up. She is dressed in a flowing dark blue cloak and there is a soft energy about her.

She turns to look behind her and in the boat there is a small red and blue imp type figure. His face is twisted and angry and he is wielding a small fork. He jumps up and down and sometimes he stabs her in the back with the fork and twists it.

The inner female turns to look in front of her and sees a beautiful small boy, he is perfect - innocent and gentle - he is however a golden statue.

I realise these two aspects are two extremes within me and need to come together to create something in the middle. At this thought the golden boy moves around to the back. The demon manages in his anger to stab himself in the foot and the fork is stuck there. He howls in pain. The Golden Boy puts his arms around the demon and begins to comfort him. He tries to pull out the fork, but the demon howls louder.

At this a woman appears, she is dressed a bit like a medieval nun with only her face showing - but her face is full of kindness and wisdom - there is something of the Mother Mary energy about her. She explains to the dwarf that if the fork is left where it is things will just get worse and worse and more painful. But if he will consent to letting it be pulled out - it might hurt worse for a bit - but then it will get better and he will be much happier. Between the three of them they pull the fork out. The Golden Boy holds the demon lovingly and they merge.

What they turn into as they merge is a young man who stands on the opposite side of the boat to the inner female. He has the pointed chin and tiny beard reminiscent of the dwarf, but the dark golden hair and smooth skin of the golden boy. 

As they merge the demon's fork is tossed into the air. The wise mother woman catches it and runs her fingers down it turning it into a silver sword which she gives to the young man. 

She then begins to talk to the young man about his role and his path - this goes on for some time and keeps repeating as if he is not very good at taking her words to heart.

In this part we move to a landscape of rolling hills where we can see a path going off into the distance. The young man asks where is his horse - surely he should have one if he is to be a knight for his lady?

The woman replies that there is one waiting for him up ahead and it is a very good horse. She shows us a large white horse that has a golden heart that shines from it's breast. She also shows us a couple of scenes of the horse guiding the knight away from a bad decision - one of which was where he wanted to go and bang on a castle door and confront someone - and the horse shows him it is better to go round the back quietly and get in that way and change things from within surreptitiously.

The young man asks why he could not have the horse now, he feels silly walking along the path on foot. The woman replies he can only have the horse when he has learned not to rush. That if he had the horse now he would go charging off like the Knight of Swords or the Knight of Wands in the Tarot instead of being like the Knight of Cups which he is meant to be.

If he had the horse now he would not be able to resist trying to go at speed to get to the goal and he would miss all the important things along the way - things he needs to learn. These are:

Self-Belief - not needing to prove himself all the time
Trusting the inner rhythms

Valuing the inner female
Learning how to be in service to her creative visions
Learning to check in on how he is doing - to reaffirm his direction.

Learning not to give up when things don't work out, but to persist and find another route.

The wise mother figure keeps showing him how he has this anxious impulse to rush off to the goal and when he does this all he is aware of along the way is empty fields - but she shows him that when he slows down and lets go of the need to get ahead - then suddenly all around him fills up with a deep richness of experience.

She shows him that though his role is to assist the inner female to bring her creative children into the world, his own personal quest is to be found in all the experiences, adventures, obstacles and challenges he will meet along the path to doing this and the learning and maturing that results.

She tells him to look at the writing on his sword. When he does he sees the writing is in the form of a question: What am I learning right now?

The wise mother figure repeats he needs to slow down and learn patience and only when he feels no need to rush will the horse appear - and then he can go at speed according to the inner rhythms and not because of inner weakness or wounds. She says that asking the question on the sword will help him to slow down and open to the richness and depth that is always there in any moment.

The young man repeats the question over and over until he can feel how this works and until he feels he will be able to remember it.

When I awoke from the meditation I wrote the story down in my journal and added:  This must be important guidance because the same message is coming to me repeatedly, though this was the most detailed version - and I often complain that I am moving at snails pace and my goals seem to get no closer.

I think I had better write down the question: What am I learning right now?  and stick it around the house, because it took a lot of repetition for him to get hold of it and it would be very easy to forget to use it. 

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