Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nine of Swords - Awakening

Nine of Swords
Many of us have a favourite card in the tarot deck, one we greet like a friend when it shows up. I wonder how many would see the Nine of Swords as a friendly card? And yet .... and yet ...

I've been musing upon this card and going beneath the seemingly doom laden image. When it turned up in a spread I found myself contemplating the image, making space for what it was trying to tell me. My eyes were drawn to the quilt and suddenly the beauty of the colours popped out at me. 

I found myself wanting to say to the character - just take your hands away from your face, look at what is right in front of you. See the beauty of your life. And I remembered that the Nine of Swords is, by number and family, connected to The Hermit - the one who shines the light - the one who has climbed the mountain and can see the bigger picture.

So we can focus on all those swords stacked over our heads - we can struggle with difficult thoughts, creating a prison for ourselves - or - we can take our hands away from our face and look at our lives from an entirely different perspective. We can choose to remember that we are Spirit having a human adventure - and our life is a rich quilt of experiences.

Think of a book or a film. Would you be interested in a story where everything goes smoothly for the hero/ine, where there is only sunshine and easy achievement? Sounds boring doesn't it! Our favourite heroes and heroines find themselves facing both inner and outer challenges. Sometimes their quest is to find a way to win through difficult odds, to turn around seemingly impossible situations. Think about your favourite books or films - what are you most drawn to about those stories?

If we can see our own life as a story we are both living and creating it can help to give us that bigger perspective. From there we can appreciate the richness of our story. Something in us is freed up. We realise our story, our life, can go in many different directions. The choice is ours.

So what kind of story are you creating? And what genre have you chosen? Are you living a comedy, a sitcom or soap opera? Or are you creating a drama, a heroic epic, a thriller or an action story? Do you want to change your story - or change the genre? The possibilities are infinite.

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