Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dreaming from the Inside Out

I was inspired today by the poet Ben Okri and his book A Time for New Dreams. He writes:

"Nations that imprison, torture, assassinate, or drive their writers into exile fall into the deadlands of their own darkness. No one loves such nations. Such nations do not love themselves."

It occurred to me that this also could be said of individuals. How are we treating the artists, the truth tellers, the dreamers inside of us? It is so very easy to imprison and bury those parts of ourselves we are afraid of - but the price we pay is high. 

Our inner dreamer moves freely between the seen and unseen worlds This dreamer can dive to the depths of our inner ocean and bring to the surface stories and images of the mysterious life within us.

When we act upon our truest dreams, we create a life worth living - a life full of juice, of inner joy.

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