Thursday, April 16, 2015

Embracing our Uncertain Selves

Two of Wands
shall I - shan't I? 

So often we wait to take action on our projects. And what are we waiting for? Well, often we are waiting till we feel confident, certain of the worth of what we are doing.

Or perhaps we are waiting to become the person we think we need to be in order to pull a project like that off.

We may be waiting for a guarantee of success.

The funny thing about courage is that it often doesn't come until we take that first step, until we commit - and we don't get the courage for the whole journey in one hit - only for the step we are taking right now.

And we may never feel confident about what we are doing. Choosing to do something because this is what we are passionate about and what our heart yearns for is not the same as feeling confident about it. It means having faith that this is a journey or a project that is meant for us and we will be supported through the challenges, which may be many. It means taking that first step and the next and the next - and keeping on taking the next first step - regardless of how we feel about ourselves or the project.

It means to honour our reality that we are feeling inadequate and uncertain - but not to let that stop us - rather to embrace that uncertain self with love and gentle encouragement and to keep taking those steps that our heart calls us towards.

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